Past Shows

CCB performed with Chitown hottie, Shawnna. A sold out crowd packed into the Red Carpet Event Center on Halloween and showed mad love to CCB.

Janey Neal and CCB have done numerous local shows around the state of MN.  Every show seems to draw a larger crowd than the last and they continue to impress.

Da Mafia Six, Twisted Insane and Whitney Peyton at Bubba's was phenomenal.  CCB was able to hang out and spend one on one time with each of the artists including rollin around the city in Smokeys lac with DJ Paul, Koopsta Knicca and Da Mafia Six's manager.

Feb 26th Cloud City Boyz performed with one of their favorite artists. Bonethugs N Harmony's very own Krayzie Bone. The Red Carpet Nigh club was wild and CCB was able to hang out with the legend for sometime backstage and after the show. They were also invited to perform 2 days later in Duluth with Krayzie Bone which was overall another awesome experience.

Both Cloud City Boyz and Janey Neal performed with Kottonmouth Kings Dirtball. The show was wonderful! Huge turnout and both performed their set flawlessly.Cloud City Boyz co-headlined the show with Dirtball. Shout out to Forsaken Promotion for hosting such a great show.

Cloud City Boyz Show in Brainerd with Kutt Calhoun was insane. The crowd was extremely into the set CCB performed, and they were flawless in it.

Janey and Cloud City Boyz show at Club Honey in Minneapolis was another great night. Good turnout


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