City House Records Presents-DJ Fresh


Marcus Lewis aka DJ Fre$h has always been into music. It didnt matter what genre, he's always loved music. At the party, he was the life of it, always set up with his laptop taking requests and playing to the crowd. Marcus has a natural vibe to him, that people just can't seem to resist and that's what makes him such a fantastic DJ. Currently, Fre$h is the main DJ at top clubs and hot spots in busy downtown Saint Cloud. Rumrunners, a busy party spot for 18+ crowds keeps Fre$h busy numerous days out of the week. He also DJ's at Irish pub McRudy's and upscale college club The Red Carpet. Fre$h seems to know what to play and when to play it, but stands out from most DJ's as a leader and will play a wide variety of music, not just press play and act as a juke box! Fre$h is the definition of a true DJ.. "Keep it Fre$h" ya'll!