About Us

City House Records LLC.

Now a days, everybody “Owns” a record label, everyone has a production company and a studio. This is the nature of the beast and this industry is a monster that we all created. The problem with your friends so called “Record Label” is it’s just a name he made up. Moms basement entertainment doesn’t hack it in the real world of complex contracts and paper work to make you a “real” legal record label.

City House Records LLC. began as a dream. Putting something of this nature into reality would take more work and dedication than I ever expected. In 2010 Cloud City Boyz split from 612 Records after a 5 year contract. I became extremely frustrated with the independent record labels. Their lack of effort for their artists, lack of originality, and just lack of love for the industry. I decided why even look to sign with another? I was going to put all my efforts into designing my own company that would be everything that everyone else wasn’t.  Weeks later City House Records was founded and recognized by the secretary of the state of Minnesota to be an organized LLC company under law.

Starting out in in 2010, CH signed a number of local artists as well as a producer who was going to school for music production in Orlando FL. I named Brandon Soltys aka Kid Low Key my Vice President and us two began running the label.

City House Records is the most serious indie label out there. We don’t sign artists because they are our friends, we don’t follow the trend and popularity of music, we don’t accept 90% of the inquiries that come our way even.. City House is for the elite, the best of the best. Its all about showing us you got something special and can stick out at a show. All of our artists are original and come up with music that hits on every note, every emotion every feeling every time!

City House artists have been in shows with superstars such as Paul Wall, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Machine Gun Kelly, Twista. Three Six Mafia, Young Buck, Afroman, Lil Wyte and many more. City House Records was a partner with Aurora Borealis Records in set up and execution of the “Serious Business No Politics Tour.” that hit 5 states in March and April; MN, ND, SD, IA and WI. As for the label as a team, City House Records promotes and hosts events about hip-hop to inner city youth at Talahi Elementary and South Jr High. CH has featured students from the classes on Cloud City Boyz tracks which all proceeds go back to the music class.

City House Records is dedicated to our artists. This label is not out to make millions by feeding off it’s artists like many labels do. Networking is what it boils down to. Keeping your name in the listeners ears all the time, everyday. Keeping your picture up where they can see it and learn to recognize you. Building a fan base doesn’t come easy. Starting out you have a lot of support because all of your friends are there. Friends are not fans, they are friends and they soon stray away from the support wagon. After witnessing this it was made clear to me how to run this label successfully. We’re coming up on our fourth year as a company. We’ve had numerous artist that we’ve worked with. Some we let go onto bigger things, like D Bo for instance. He was offered a spot at a major studio in FL. Others we cut loose were not so lucky, but once again it boils down to business. You either have the heart for this or you don’t.

“Join the Independent Grind”

 City House Records movement is one of a kind in an industry plagued by bubblegums beats and meaningless lyrics. CHR's artists are dedicated to bringing back that realest style and true definition of "RAP" music, Rhythm And Poetry. Newly established and staffed with the top artists of Minnesota, their drive, determination, and love for the music sets CHR apart from all other Indie labels in the industry. A new top of the line studio is in the process of completion and will be available for all CHR artists. Smokey, the newly acquired producer, will be kept very busy with top quality production of tracks, and instrumentals. CHR will also be offering a variety of new services; Industry quality graphics for any budget, Original beats and instrumentals, five star quality recording and mastering and more. CHR is a force to reckoned with in the hip-hop industry, come join the City House movement and see what TRUE rap is all about.

"You are right on the brink of a very exciting venture that could eventually take you to new heights as far as your career goes. Malicious gossip needs to be ignored, because you know who you are, and you also know those spreading the gossip are just jealous. Don't allow their envy to drain energy you need for bigger and better things." ~Gemini~