Established in 2001, Cloud City Boyz began as friends rapping for fun and free styling. After releasing a few tracks online and the overwhelming positive response, they began pursuing the rap game more aggressively. They soon catapulted to the top and their popularity exploded. They've performed all over MN, IA, WI and ND including shows with, Machine Gun Kelly, Young Buck, Afroman,Lil Wyte, Three Six Mafia,Twista and more. They have a style that cannot be matched or categorized due to the versatility of their tracks. They can make you want to jump out of your chair and scream, make you want to dance, make you want to fight or give you goose bumps and make you want to cry. They define Hip-Hop and have a lyrical ability that is unheard of in this new age of bounce music. Even their club tracks have originality to them that blow the industry standard away. No matter what your taste of music is, they guarantee to satisfy!


Artist Bio

Tyler Lydeen aka Smokey began making music at the age of 15. He and LRB would freestyle to mainstream beats and started recording to them in 2001. They soon saw an enormous opportunity to become a house hold name in the hip hop industry after the immense positive reaction they received with the release of their music online. Smokey linked up with other local artists and began working day and night on new music. With the success and growing popularity of CCB, Smokey and LRB were able to canipolt to the top on the hip hop scene in Saint Cloud. Soon they began collaborating with other local groups like Distant Strangers and St City Ent, eventually forming a super group called Kings of the Cloud. In 2007 Smokey was signed with 612 Records and began pursuing the rap game more aggressively. In 2008 CCB released the album “The 4th Dimension” and Smokey released his solo album “Breaking the Silence” in Feb. 2010. Smokey decided in mid January that he and 612 Records were moving in different directions and decided to leave to the label. He decided rather than signing with another independent label he would start his own, and thats when City House Records LLC. was founded. Since the start of CHR the label as a whole as well as CCB has blown up. CCB has been featured in numerous shows with superstars and major industry players, had track featured on mixtapes with Chamillionare, Shock G and Ditch Moet, Toured the upper midwest on the "Serious Business No Politics Tour" as well as released their newest and hottest album, "Weapons of Mic Destruction." Among all his acomplishments Smokey's favorite and most awarding thing he does in music is work with the inner city elementary school in his hometown of St Cloud. For the last three years, CCB has spoke with students at Talahi Elementary about hip-hop and life in general. CCB features students from the 6th grade class on a track every year and gives all proceeds back to the music class. Cloud City Boyz and City House Recordshave become well known and respected in the underground hip-hop scene. Smokes Style has been compared to Atmosphere with a touch of dirty south. He loves to switch his flow up from a smooth steady pace to an incredibly fast and complicated flow on the same beat. His major influences in rap have been; DMX, Tec N9ne, Bone Thugs, 2pac, SPM, Treach, and many more.