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Cloud City Boyz new album
WMD-Weapons of Mic Destruction.

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Cloud City Boyz- Weapons of Mic Destruction
Full album

Cloud City Boyz- This Way

Cloud City Boyz- Who's That

Janey Neal- Big Girl Stomp Feat Detour

Smokey- Insomniac

Smokey- Wish it Would Rain

Janey Neal- Just a Drop Feat Zo the Jerk

Janey Neal- My Superman Feat Zo the Jerk







Welcome to City House Records LLC.

Shout out to our April top 5 cities for most views, plays and dowloads. We appreciate your support!!!
visits location 
1. Denver, CO
2. St Cloud, MN
3. Chicago, IL
4. New York, NY
5. Bloomington, MN

Top 5 Songs in April:
1. Cloud City Boyz- This Way
2. Janey Neal Feat Zo the Jerk-
3. Smokey Feat Detour- One Touch
4. Cloud City Boyz- Throw Em Up
5. Cloud City Boyz Feat. Janye Neal, Coolie- Make ya Feel

Most April Downloads
1. Cloud City Boyz- Throw Em Up

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The hottest independent Record Label in Minnesota, City House Records LLC. generates energy and excitement everywhere they perform.

This dynamic label is comprised of  9 staff/artists and 4 Artist/Show Security personell. Our Public Relation Director John Junglen works around the clock setting up shows and making the important contacts neccessary for the Record Labels success. Working side by side with him is our dedicated Marketing Director and Official Street Team, Silas Lydeen and Peater Junglen. They put forth tremendous effort in promoting and putting up flyers whether its 100 degrees our or negative 20 degrees. These guys are the foot soldiers of this label and play a very important role. We now house two beautiful singers; Kristen Rae, and our newest addition Janey Neal, who are both beautiful and  have voices to match. Kristen Rae can be heard in numerous tracks and made her debut in 2008 during the "Spring Break '08" show with J-Kwon. Janey, who recently released her 3rd full album will be starting her fourth with City House.  She can heard on Summer of '13 as well as the hit single with Smokey. "Close Enough."  One of Minnesota's best and most popular DJ's---DJ Fre$h, works at clubs in busy Down Town St. Cloud as well as Djays in outdoors music fests, at the Ecko store in the outlet mall in Albertville, MN and works with promotion of the Label. We also house three of the top lyricists in hip-hop today; Space C, Lil Roi Boi, and Smokey. Their unique ability to transform raw emotion into words make them an underground sensation in an industry plagued by generic lyrics and bubblegum beats. They have a style that cannot be categorized or matched due to the versatility of their songs and beats. regardless of your taste, they guarantee to satisfy. This is the City House Records team, together, they form the hottest Record Label in MN. Join the Independent Grind!


Recent News

Strong Enough Campaign 

The #StrongEnough Campaign was a huge success. We officially hit all 50 states and the music video and song were even played on two other continents. Europe and Australia played the track for students in classrooms. Only word for this project is, INCREDIBLE. Thank you to all the students, Miss Mattick and South JR High as well as Whirly Bird Media. This project will be relevant for many years to come. Stay Strong out there!!

Signing new Artist 

We'll be resigning Tyrann Joyner aka Space C August 29th at the Keller Bar in St Cloud. We are very excited to have him back on the team and look forward to working with him.

Paul Wall 

Cloud City Boyz and Space C will be performing with Paul Wall Friday June 26th at the Red Carpet in St Cloud MN. $30 GA $50VIP

KCDR Radio 

After meeting with Dj Glenn from KCDR there looks to be a new project in the works.  Cloud City Boyz are going to work with KCDR on a St Cloud music project including other artists from around the city but focusing on CCB. Five to ten thousand copies of this CD will be sponsored by KCDR and their advertisers before given out for FREE to anyone that wants one.

Past Shows 

CCB performed with Chitown hottie, Shawnna. A sold out crowd packed into the Red Carpet Event Center on Halloween and showed mad love to CCB.

Janey Neal and CCB have done numerous local shows around the state of MN.  Every show seems to draw a larger crowd than the last and they continue to impress.

Da Mafia Six, Twisted Insane and Whitney Peyton at Bubba's was phenomenal.  CCB was able to hang out and spend one on one time with each of the artists including rollin around the city in Smokeys lac with DJ Paul, Koopsta Knicca and Da Mafia Six's manager.

Feb 26th Cloud City Boyz performed with one of their favorite artists. Bonethugs N Harmony's very own Krayzie Bone. The Red Carpet Nigh club was wild and CCB was able to hang out with the legend for sometime backstage and after the show. They were also invited to perform 2 days later in Duluth with Krayzie Bone which was overall another awesome experience.

Both Cloud City Boyz and Janey Neal performed with Kottonmouth Kings Dirtball. The show was wonderful! Huge turnout and both performed their set flawlessly.Cloud City Boyz co-headlined the show with Dirtball. Shout out to Forsaken Promotion for hosting such a great show.

Cloud City Boyz Show in Brainerd with Kutt Calhoun was insane. The crowd was extremely into the set CCB performed, and they were flawless in it.

Janey and Cloud City Boyz show at Club Honey in Minneapolis was another great night. Good turnout


Parting Ways 

As of 11/19/13 City House Records and Della have decided to part ways. At this time she would like to focus on her studies in school. We wish her the best of luck in the future

Welcome Janey Neal!! 

Saturday August 10th we officially signed Janey Neal to the roster!!! She came in with a bang releasing her first collaboration track with Cloud City Boyz and Coolie. The track, "Make ya Feel" is making wajor waves and trending on certain sites!!

Sound Crave Magazine also set up an interview with Janey. Make sure you read it to get to know City House's newest artist a little better!!

WMD Single-Pregame Anthem 

Cloud City Boyz hit single off thier new album Weapons of Mic Destruction has been selected to be on Underground Gold Vol 2. This mixtape also feature tracks from industry greats, Chamillionare, Shock G, Ditch Moet and more!

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