A little something for everyone

Hip-Hip can be a wide variety of music. In our case we have tracks of every style of hip-hop music and something for every hip-hop fan. Our work with the community and our ever expanding young fan base, we've added this page as a way to try to edit the music we feel is most appropriate for ages 15 and under. Please have parents permission to go on our website and listen/download our music. Thanks for all your support! We appreciate it!  One thing I feel that is very important is the content we have.  We are entertainers and we cater our music to all genres and ages.  Many people have tried to bash us for having music that is adult themed, however a point I'd like to make is this.  We have overcome great struggles in our lives which we rap about and can be heard in our lyrics. We have songs meant for the club and the adults who choose to frequent them.  Our tracks that are meant for adults do not condone or promote that behavior for the youth. Johnny Depp is in movies like Blow and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas as well as Disney movies.  Saying he promotes drinking or drug use for children because he's in R rated movies is as absurd as saying we promote it because of our songs for adults.  Point is, stop judging, its ultimately the parents responsibility to watch what their children listen to.
(Most music on this page is PG13 however some concepts/lyrics may still have adults themes/situations)


Please purchase a track and help support a great cause.
The three tracks below are our way of saying thanks and giving back. All proceeds from these tracks go to the Orginazation/Chairty's listed
District 742/Talahi Elementary Music Class
Susan G Koman for a Cure
St Cloud National Guard/St Cloud Armory
Various Artists - Tracks 4 Charity
Tracks 4 Charity