From the recording Tracks 4 Charity


“Walk On By”
Written by Tyler Lydeen
Copyright City House Records LLC. All Rights Reserved 2012

First Verse:
Well Jenny was the smart kid the best in class
She made straight A grades with little effort and passed
She played sports and ran track, played the flute in the band
But nothing that she ever did was good enough for her dad
She gave it everything she had, why she still so sad
Second place in the race he’s disappointed and mad
Shake his head and turn his back, tears well up in her eyes
As he’s walking to the car she breaks down and cries
All the pain she feels inside multiplies and hurts
Cause all she really wants to hear him say he’s proud of her
But not a sound was heard as he frowned her direction
Looking in the mirror and she hate the reflection
It’s this kind of neglecting that drive our youth to madness
Try to numb the pain away and deal with the sadness
It’s time that we demanded something better for our children
Real men and father pay attention to their feelings

Second Verse:
Well Devon was eleven when he entered the gang
Thought it was cool the older kids would let him kick it and hang
He’d run errands for change, and little things they asked
And his mamma didn’t care or know where he was at
As the time went past he started breaking the law
Many adults walked passed and ignored what they saw
Knowing their actions are wrong, only disgust that they felt
While his behavior loud screaming out this kid needs help
Another young heart melts to the curse of the streets
Another label slapped on him with every person he meets
But even worse in the need to feel wanted and loved
They were so quick to write him off and label Devon a thug
They treated him like a rug, and he was walked all over
No encouragement given made his heart grow colder
Now this little boys older and he’s burred his friends
And his thug world led him to a life in the pen

Third Verse:
These ain’t ordinary verse if you listen there’s a purpose
Time to open up your eyes wide and see we don’t deserve this
I just barely scratched the surface see and that’s what makes me nervous
We degrade the youth so much they truly start to think they’re worthless
My concern is overwhelming for the future of the youth
That’s why I’m on this track rapping snapping speaking the truth
You gotta do what you do and really fight for your dreams
The best revenge for a hater’s when they see you succeed
But you need to believe you got it deep in your soul
Cause when you wanna give up is when you gotta fight most
Work hard for your goals make sure you give it your all
Its ok to fail as long as you get up if ya fall
Stand ten toes tall be proud you gave it a shot
Focus on what you are not everything that you’re not
Never give up or stop, you gotta fight to succeed
Follow these words and I promise you’ll be living your dreams

I guess they choose to be blind
Ignore the struggles we climb
Ask for their help but we find
That they just walk on by
No matter how hard they try
We wont give up on the fight
Succeed and hold our heads high
As we just walk on by